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News January 2017

We are on Colorado's Best!!!


APLMED academy is excited to announce our new programs opening up for 2017

     -  Dental Assistingmed assDental assisting is currently open for pre-registration. Enroll today as classes will fill quickly. Anticipated start date is January 2017, we have an AM and PM class. Day class will begin 9am-1pm or 5pm-9pm. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for only 8 weeks. Per salary.com, on average Dental Assistants make $17.00 hourly...(more)

   Medical Assistant  - Medical Assisting - Medical Assistants (MAs) are an important member of a patient-centered team consisting of physicians, nurses and other health professionals. Nearly 85 percent of MAs work in a physician’s office performing a mix of administrative and clinical tasks. MAs also work in hospitals, home care and hospice care. Their administrative responsibilities include patient reception and admission...(more)

   Massage Therapy  - Massage Therapy - Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being. There are dozens of types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities)...(more)

Medical Assisting and Massage Therapy, class start dates are to be determined at a later date. You may pre-register today at APLMED.COM 


Informative facts:


Per salary.com, on average Massage Therapist make $23.00 hourly 

Per salary.com, on average Medical Assistants make $16.00 hourly 


         Our new location at 2600 S. Parker Rd Building 6-300 Aurora CO 80014 has enabled us to provide students with optimal learning space and lab resources for peak performance and superior hands on experiences.

        Ample free parking, free WIFI, and 24 hour surveillance are just a few of our benefits. We also offer a kitchen/ break room, which provides coffee, tea, snacks, refrigerator and a microwave, and mach more!!!

        Call or stop in today, Your future waits!

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Move Forward With Your Education

Behind every single career is a great education. Having a continued education is proven to have a multitude of benefits.

The average salary of an individual is greater by a significant amount if they had training or a higher education after high school. The amount of options one has, with a degree or certificate, in terms of jobs are multiplied versus jobs available with no education requirements.

This also applies to salary of a person with no further education compared to having continued their education; the latter has a significantly greater income. APLMED Academy is designed for you to have the educational background to have a successful career immediately after certification with lower tuition costs than any other vocational school in Colorado..