6.2. Medication Administration and Client’s Rights – Importance and Examples


  • · Respect – how the client is addressed:

 Do not interrupt client while eating for the administration of medications, such as oral inhalers and eye drops;

 Do not awaken client to administer a medication that could be scheduled or administered at other times;

 Inform client about the procedure that is about to be performed;

 Answer client’s question about medication.

  • · Refusal – client has the right to refuse medications (7th “right”):

 Never force a client to take a medication

 Follow the facility’s policy and procedure when a client refuses medications (policy and procedure ensures that physician is notified in a timely manner based on client’s physical and mental condition and the medication.

  • · Privacy – being away from the public:

 Knock on closed doors before entering

 Do not administer medications when client is receiving personal care or in the bathroom.