6.15. Quiz 6 (check yourself).


        1. You only need to check the Five Rights and Rule of Three the first time you give the medication. After that you no longer need to perform this task for this medication order.


True or False.


        2. The route of a medication has no effect on its absorption rate.


True or False.


        3. If a client has an order for a medication, he/she has a right to refuse and there should be a policy on consequences for refusing to take medication.


True or False.


        4. Which routes of medication administration should you wear gloves to assist with?

a)       Rectal, ophalmic;

b)      Topical, transdermal, nasal;

c)       Enteral, otic;

d)      None of the above;

e)      All of the above.


        5. What position should the client be when you are inserting a suppository?

a)       Laying on the left side with his knees drawn up towards his chest.

b)      Laying on the right side with his legs straight.

c)       Laying on his left side.

d)      Laying on the right side.


        6. You would give a capsule form medication:

a)       By mouth;

b)      By G-tube;

c)       In the ear;

d)      Rectal.


        7. How should you position a patient after instilling vaginal medication? (explain)


        8. You should sign off the medication that you administer:

a)       whenever you have the time.

b)      soon after successfully administering the medication.

c)       at the end of the shift.

d)      before giving them to the individual.


        9. Which of the following is NOT one of the six rights of medication administration?

a)       Right physician;

b)      right medication;

c)       right route;

d)      right time.


        10. The accepted method of administering eye drops, after retracting the eye lids is:

a)       put the eye drop solution on a Q-tip and gently swab it onto the eye.

b)      gently position the eye dropper directly over the eye ball and squeeze the dropper.

c)       Gently place the eye dropper on the inside corner of the eye and squeeze the dropper.

d)      Gently draw the lower lid down and place the drops on the inside of the lower lid.



Answers module 6:
1. False 2. False 3. True 4. e 5. a. 6.a 7. dorsal recumbent or “frog leg” position.
8. b 9. a 10. d