4.8. Test 4 (What did you learn?)


1.    List the parts of a medication order:




2. Try to read a medication order. Can you transcribe this order into MAR?

Yes_____.                  No______.

3. If an order is not complete or clear on how to administer, the QMAP must contact the supervisor or physician – DON’T GUESS!


True or False.

4. When the medication is received, you must read the _________and compare it to the _______________ and copy the information to the client’s _________.

a)      MAR, label, prescription or order;

b)      Prescription or order, MAR, label;

c)       Label, prescription or order, MAR;

d)      Name, prescription or order, MAR;

e)      Date, prescription or order, MAR;

5. What does it mean when a medication is PRN?

a)      It is to be given immediately;

b)      It is to be given once a day;

c)       It is to be given only with meals;

d)      It is given as needed.

6. The MAR states “Seroquel 50mg, one tablet by mouth daily.” The label on the medication states “Seroquel 50mg, two tablets by mouth daily.” What should you do?

a)      Give the medication as stated on the MAR;

b)      Give the medication as stated on the label;

c)       Check the original prescription and call the pharmacy for clarification before giving;

d)      Don’t give the medication, but do leave a note for your supervisor;

e)      Hold the medication until another QMAP can tell you what to do.

7. The Medication Administration Record (MAR) must have specific information on it, including:

a)      The client’s weight, hair color, and identifying marks

b)      The client’s food or medication allergies

c)       The client’s name

d)      The name of the health care practitioner who prescribed each medication listed

e)      B, c, and d