5.3. Medication Administration Regulations


6 CCR 1011-1 Chap 24



8.1        Residents or clients who self-administer medication may use medication reminder boxes. Facilities using medication reminder boxes for persons who are not self-administering shall have a nurse or qualified medication administration person available to assist with or administer from the medication reminder box.

8.2        Only authorized practitioners, nurses or qualified medication administration persons are allowed to assist residents or clients with medication reminder boxes.

(A)        Each qualified medication administration person assisting a resident or client with a medication reminder box shall be familiar with the type and quantity of medication in each compartment of the box.

8.3        Each qualified medication administration person assisting with or administering from a medication reminder box shall, immediately after assisting or administering, record the assist or administration on medication administration record forms developed or acquired and maintained by the facility.

(A)        The medication administration record shall contain complete instructions for the administration of each medication.

(B)        The medication administration record shall contain a specific entry for each medication given that includes the date, time and amount of the medication, and the signature of the person administering the medication.

8.4        The facility shall be responsible for administering the correct medications to its residents or clients in a manner consistent with the provisions of section 25-1.5-303, C.R.S.

8.5        Medication reminder boxes or systems are allowable only if such containers have been filled and properly labeled by a pharmacist licensed pursuant to Article 42.5 of Title 12, C.R.S., a nurse licensed pursuant to Article 38 of Title 12, C.R.S, a qualified medication administration person, or through the gratuitous care of family members or friends of the resident or client.

8.6        The facility shall ensure that a label is attached to each medication reminder box.

(A)        The information on the label shall include the name of the resident or client, each medication, the dosage, the quantity, the route of administration, and the time that each medication is to be administered.

(B)        The facility shall ensure that each medication reminder box has a corresponding medication administration record where all administrations are documented immediately after administration.

(C)        If an authorized practitioner orders a change in any medication for the resident; the facility shall discontinue use of the medication reminder box until it has been properly refilled according to the change ordered.

8.7        If any medication in the medication reminder box is not consistent with the labeling, the qualified medication administration person shall not administer the medication to the resident or client and shall immediately notify the proper person as outlined in the policies and procedures of the facility.

(A)        For purposes of this paragraph, the proper person shall be whoever filled the medication reminder box or the authorized practitioner who prescribed the medication(s).

(B)        Once the problem with the medication(s) is resolved and all medications are correctly assigned to the appropriate compartments of the medication reminder, the qualified medication administration person may resume the administration or assistance to the resident or client from the medication reminder box.

8.8        Any medication problem shall be resolved prior to the next administration.

8.9        PRN or “as needed” medications of any kind shall not be placed in a medication reminder box. Only medications intended for oral ingestion shall be placed in the medication reminder box.

(A)        Medications that require administration according to special instructions, including but not limited to instructions such as “30 minutes or an hour before meals,” rather than administered routinely shall not be placed in a medication reminder.

8.10      Medications in the medication reminder box shall only be used at the time specified on the box. Medication reminder boxes shall not be filled for more than two weeks at a time.

8.11      Any medication reminder “day packs” or individual “trip packs” assembled for administration outside the facility shall comply with the requirements of this section 8.