About Academy

       AplMed Academy was founded in 2008, to provide area students with quality education and help them to start a successful medical career.

       The staff and faculty of the APLMED Academy believe that the quality of education and support is essential to success. Our goal is to provide all students with the educational experience that allows freedom in the medical field.

       “Our primary educational mission at AplMed Academy is to create an atmosphere that permits the individual student to achieve goals.”

       Each member of the AplMed Academy works very hard on the future success of our students. AplMed Academy pursues its mission by offering:

  • Small classes
  • Effective classroom experience
  • Individual student attention
  • Customized career assistance

With the success of the Phlebotomy Program, AplMed Academy recently expanded to offer a variety of programs in the medical field:

We are accredited by the (need to fill in the information here) and our faculty are certified by the State of Colorado.

Mission Statement

The staff and faculty at AplMed Academy believe that quality education in trade and medical skills along with an awareness of self-worth is essential for success. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing all students with an educational experience that encourages a high level of competence in trade activities. The career training provided at AplMed Academy is designed to help various ethnic groups enter the job market in a reasonably short period of time.

Visit Us

Our academy is located at 2600 S Parker Rd Building 6 Ste. #300, Aurora, CO 80014, in the west from I-225 S Parker Rd (Click for directions from Google Maps)

You can also connect with AplMed on Facebook.

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