Shirley Romero

Course: Phlebotomy

Instructor: Mary Cabrera

I enrolled at APLMED Academy in January of 2015 and completed the program in April of 2015. The hours worked great with my work schedule. Our instructor had us sticking by the second day, I was glad to get started sticking right away because no time was wasted on making sure we got all of our sticks. As they say, practice makes perfect. Mary even volunteered her own veins! She was very supportive of the entire process. She also helped me finish the course with her night class so I could get my sticks in. It’s nice to have someone willing to work with you and your situation. Following the completion of the program a few months later I landed a job as a Phlebotomist at Bonfils Blood Center. I am now working at a plasma center, but I enjoy what I do and I am so thankful to have been a graduate of APL Med Academy!