QMAP Training


Thank you for choosing APLMED for your QMAP Training needs. Below are the instructions to get you started.


  1. Click “Registration and Payments”
  2. Click “QMAP Training” and fill out the form. Then Click “Confirm”
  3. You will receive an email with a conformation link. Click that link to Confirm, This will re direct you to the payment page.
  4. Click page to left menu "My Account--QMAP Training" read attention information when finish click “QMAP Pay Now” and folow instruction. ATTENTION PLEASE! Don't aplay, if you not ready to pay right NOW $85.00!!!
  5. There will be a billing information section and a shipping information section, the shipping information section is the information of the customer taking the class.
  6. Once a payment has been made a refund is not available.
  7. Within 2 business days you will have access to your class materials.
  8. Participate in the study materials and skill's guide, after completion, you will be able to schedule a date for exam. Exam will be in the school ofice. Click here to see address.
  9. After choosing a date of exam, click submit.
  10. You must receive a 85% or higher in the written test and 100% in practicum exam to pass!
  11. ( I agree)If student fails the competency evaluation or the final exam, they must register again and repeat the entire course.
  12.   Client understands they have 2 weeks (14 days) to complete the course materials, at day 15 account access will be closed. If you have not completed the training within the 14 days, all monies paid will be foerfited, thus you will need to re-register and pay again.
  13. Date of next exam: May 6, 24 - 2019 All exams start at 10:00AM!
  14. SSN is required. 
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