News July 2016

office        New News for the new move!! That’s right APLMED Academy is moving to a NEW location just in time for the September schedule. We are moving to 2600 S Parker Road in the Havana Parker Office Center, our phone number and email is still the same. Our new location will offer over 5,000 square feet for growing class sizes, a larger variety of equipment and new courses under development: 







        New 2017!!!

  •         Dental Assisting
  •         Medical Assisting


  •         Cosmetology  (Cut, style, and chemically treat hair as well as the ability to do all aspects of manicuring, facials, and makeup)
  •         Esthetician  (Skin Treatments, Facials and Make up Application)
  •         Hair Styling (cutting, styling, color, hair removal and chemical texture services)
  •         Barbering    (haircutting, shaving, facials, permanents, hair coloring and barbershop management)
  •         Nail Technology (Trimming, filing, and polishing both the natural and artificial nails)